Billetcooler FLEX® increases your options

Stable spray angle over the entire turn-down range

Billetcooler FLEX® spray coverage

Billetcooler FLEX® spray coverage

At varying water pressures and with a constant air pressure of 2 bar, the spray coverage of the Billetcooler FLEX® (top row) is much more homogeneous than with conventional nozzles (bottom row).

The local cooling performance within the spray cone as a function of the air pressure was also determined by a detailed analysis of the spray kinetics (right diagram).

The Billetcooler FLEX® allows for the first time to individually adapt the local cooling performance to the respective process requirements. The optimum spray profile can therefore now be realized for every format (illustrations at bottom).

Flow rate and distribution diagram of a Billetcooler FLEX®

Flow rate and distribution diagram of a Billetcooler FLEX®


Optimum cooling profile for every format:
“High Center” profile with parabolic liquid distribution.


“Low Center” profile prevents excessive cooling of the center zone.


Optimum cooling with “Flat Center” profile.

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